Safeu instructions

Safeu Instruction TSE

Electronic code lock instruction:
The safe is equipped with keyboard with 12 buttons
Each press of the button is accompanied by an audible signal and lighting the yellow LED;
– 10 buttons with numbers;
–  (A) and ”(B) buttons have different functions;
– the number of combinations is min. of 2 max. 8 digits;
– all safes are provided with factory code 1-5-9;
– is provided with two keys.
Operating instructions:
Step 1. How do we open the safe?
– Enter the code (factory code 1-5-9);
– Press the “*” (A) or ”#” (B) button;
– Turn the handle clockwise all the way. The safe is open.
Step 2. How do we close the safe?
– Close the safe door;
– Turn the handle counterclockwise until fully closed;
Step 3. How do we change the safe code?
– Open the safe door;
– Extend the bolts by turning the handle counterclockwise;
– Press the red button on the inside of the safe door, you will hear a long beep and the yellow LED will light up;
– Enter the new code (min.2 max.8 digits);
– Press the “*” (A) or ”#” (B) button, the correct entry of the new code will be confirmed by a beep and the yellow LED lights up twice;
– If the yellow LED lights up three times and a triple beep sounds, it will announces that the new code has not been stored. Repeat step 3.
Be sure to check the correct setting of the new code by OPENING the door safe. Open and close the padlock with the new code at least twice!
(see Step 1).
Security system Temporary locking of the safe
The introduction of the wrong combination is accompanied by a series of short beeps and the yellow LED lights up. After the consecutive introduction of 3 wrong combinations, the safe will lock for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the padlock will return to the functional state, after which the code can be entered again.
Emergency opening of the padlock
– The safe can be opened with the key;
– To do this, remove the padlock cover, which is under the handle and keyboard;
– Insert the key into the keyhole;
– Turn the key counterclockwise to 45ºC all the way;
– Turn the handle;
– The safe is open;
– Turn the key clockwise to 45ºC all the way;
– Remove the key from the keyhole;
– Replace the cover.
Power source / battery replacement
– The padlock is powered by 4 alkaline batteries type R20D1.5V
– If the green LED and the LED light up when the safe is opened red – it is necessary to replace the batteries.

Safeu Instruction PLS-3

PLS ‐ Electronic padlock with reprogramming button
Operating instructions:
1. Padlock keyboard
2. Green visual indicator (G)
3. Visual indicator Red (R)
4. Rotary handle
5. Emergency lock cover
2.1  Cod [PIN]
From 4 to 8 digits. It is intended for opening the safe.
Before starting to operate the safe, change the factory code (p.4). Under no circumstances say the code
other people. The factory code is 1-2-3-4
2.2 Visual beeps
[G1] A short beep together with a green visual signal (2) means confirmation of the press
button on the keypad.
[G2] Double short sound signal together with double green visual signal (2) signifies the success of the operation.
[G3] Triple beep together with triple green visual signal (2) confirms the pressing of the
[R] —A long beep along with a red visual signal (3) means error.
[R5] The series of five short beeps and red visuals (3) means low power supply.
battery. In this case, change the battery (p.5.1)
3.1 How to open the safe
3.1.2 Opening the lock (Factory code is 1-2-3)
If the code entered is correct, the padlock will open and burn green visual indicator, while
For 5 seconds it will be possible to open the door by turning the handle (4) clockwise.
After 5 consecutive attempts to enter the incorrect code the lock will lock for 5 minutes.
Locking the lock is indicated by periodic red visual signals.
3.2 Closing the Locksmith
Close the door and turn the lock handle counterclockwise all the way.
4. Service functions
From the possibility of locking the lock as a result of incorrect operations all service functions must be
met only with the safe door open.
Service functions are blocked if the battery power is low, which is indicated by the R5 signal
(see p.2.2)
To change the code use the [Button] reprogramming button located on the inside of the door
safe, on the body of the lock. (img. 4.1)
4.1 Changing the [PIN] Code
[But] [New PIN] [Enter]
Pressing the [But] reprogramming button is confirmed with the [G3] signal (p.2.2.)
After changing the Master Code immediately check the correctness of the code change with the door
safe open. To check, open the lock with the new Master Code.
[ON] [PIN] [Enter]
5. Service
The battery included in the delivery kit with the padlock is intended only for checking the operation of the padlock.
Replace the battery before using the safe.
5.1 Replacing the battery
Battery access is located on the inside of the door.
Open the battery compartment cover
Replace the battery (9V type 6LF22 Krona)
Install the cover again.
5.2 Opening with the emergency key in case of discharged battery
Open the emergency lock cover
Insert the key with the hole facing up, then turn the key counterclockwise all the way.
After opening the lock, open the safe door and replace the battery